The Multitran dictionary

The Multitran dictionary is a professional online dictionary.

Initially it was a private project of one man that later grew into a bigger project when its creater joined the Praisewaterhause Company.

This dictionary also gives us an oportunity to dowload electronic dictionaries, software and but needed programs.

Besides the set of dictionaries (Russian language based pairs) which includes Esperanto and Africaans languages there are versions of dictionaries fro Linux, Pocket PC and OS Symbian.

More than that the page includes such useful informationa as database of translators, articles, links on different tematic pages, has an option of looking of specific words by the means of entering them or even parts of them, that is letters.

The also include a “reading space” where once can search for books and read them online.

Here we can see an example of some word search. I put in the word “education” (in Russian) and it gave me all possible meanings from different shperes of life (in English)

 образование сущ. фразы |  g-sort
  общ.  asiento m; cultura f; enseñanza f; formación f; instrucción f; antecedentes académicos (пункт в резюме Степанов)
  экон.  composición f; generación f
  юр.  carrera f; constitución f; ente m; entidad f; promoción f
  общ.  educación f
 образование: 135 фраз в 11 тематиках | в начало
  Геология 2   Техника 64
  Лаки и краски 2   Фундаментостроение 2
  Металлургия 5   Химия 1
  Образование 2   Экономика 7
  Общая лексика 37   Юридический термин 11
  Общественная организация 2    

Texts;Marc Twain; from

Say if we want to compare this certain dictionary with some other, say, I would prefer to use Multitran, simply because its online version (very convient, fast and fee-free) is the same as a paper print version – meaning the same full and contain as much information as a paper or installed version, which makes it totally useful for home usage.

Meanwhile Lingvo online version is much less smaller than the download version, which obviously is a disadvantage.


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